December 11, 2017

    I am still shopping around Equations End. Analog didn't go for and neither did SF&F. Those are two top notch magazines, so I wasn't overly disappointed in the rejection. Still it would be nice to find some encouragement. Then I found this blog from the editor of SF&F. My rejection got a "didn't win me over!" It's hard to get to excited about a rejection, but it's some sort of validation, right? So I have submitted it to Asimov. Probably should have sent it to them first. It's a more of a character driven story. 

     August 22, 2017

    I submitted a short story to Analog magazine, Equations End. It's a long shot, but it is the best short story I have ever written.

    April 4, 2017

    Leon Husock from L Perkins Agency just requested the full manuscript for my first novel, STICHOMANCY. Now I know what Lil' Dicky felt like in Professional Rapper.

    February 11, 2017

    I just got back from the 2017 Minneapolis Writing Workshop. Outstanding experience. The lectures were perfectly balanced for new writers and the agents I spoke to were a delight. The first page of STICHOMANCY was read at the Writers Got Talent section. It was well received, though that may have been in part due to the compelling dramatic reading of Chuck Sambuchino. I mean, think about it. The dictionary would sound interesting if Morgan Freeman read it to you. 

        September 6, 2016

    The Minnesota State Fair is an institution.  Food on a stick, petting baby animals, Fair games (though fair in only one sense of the word). It really is the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Though I feel like it must be rough for the actual farmers.  Like if I a guy just wants to buy a tractor, I could see it being a real irritation.  Imagine a fried food convention where you had to snake past throngs of people trying to sell you tractors...

        August 8, 2016

    Submitted a story to Evil Girlfriend's Speculate! Anthology.  I have never considered myself a horror writer, but I saw this as a good opportunity to expand my horizons.  I mean it wasn't horror horror.  No one got mutilated or went insane, but there was suspense...in the woods...with a supernatural element.  Suspense, I would call it suspense. Actually I would call it Pond.  I mean, that is what I called the story.  Pond.  It's called Pond.

        June 28, 2016

    One of my engineering inclined buddies has designed a program that makes some pretty amazing computer generated trees.  I want to put them on the website, but I don't know where.  I'm open to suggestions.  In the meantime, Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 Tree 4

June 21, 2016
    This whole blogging thing is new to me, but I am willing to try it out. 
    I just got back from Origins 2016.  Great convention.  Tried out some new board games and met some notable authors.  I got some outstanding advice from Jennifer Brozek on how to get started as an authors (including starting this Blog).  Timothy Zahn gave an entire lecture on how to go from a simple idea (the example he used was the rise of self driving cars) and grow it into a complex story.  He suggested imaging a world using the acronym PERSIA.
  • Political
  • Economical
  • Religious
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Artistic
        Apart from that, it was great to spend time with my brother, who lives in Atlanta.  So far our annual board game convention trek has been a consistent way to see each other.